Have Planning Permission and a Building Warrant in place?

Planning on doing the majority of the work yourself?

Need help planning the construction phase?

We can help.

Here’s what we can give you:

  • Construction phase plan – usually a Gantt chart system where you seek all the work activities and their duration in the order they need to happen – this is key to success as you need to know when things need to happen to avoid running out of time, or worse, over budget!
  • Appointment of quality tradesmen – it’s not all about saving money – you need to be careful who you choose and it’s sometimes difficult to know what standard of finish they are going to give you
  • Mobilisation – book the trades you need, when and where you need them – no point having the guys sitting about, because they’ll charge you. Have the materials on site just in time and the guys there on the day their needed.
  • Budget management – keeping the costs down and the quality up – don’t over spend and run out of money. Cut your cloth accordingly and make sure there’s still money in the pot to finish the job.
  • Contract Management – watch what your signing – sometimes the contract is worth the price of the paper it’s written on. Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of and make sure the time, cost and quality are all their when you employ your trades. Sometimes, but not always, you might need to fall back on it.
  • On site quality assurance – make sure your getting you’ve paid for – keeping an eye on the build and trades to make sure your getting the standard of finish you should expect from any tradesman worth their salt. And if not, they’ll be back to put it right, that simple.

The main role I play as a project manager is to keep you in control of the project. Don’t let things run away from and worry that you have bit off more than you can chew. 

Feeling as though you are they’re already? Even if you need to quick chat to discuss how you want to go about building your project there’s no problem in asking for some advice on how to go about getting getting there! Don’t let the project get you down. It’s all under control.

Get in touch today and we can take ownership of the project now!